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    Picture of all-sun TS1310
    Model: TS1310



    This metal detector should be installed on a flat level platform (or ground) of nonmetallic material and its two planks should be vertical and parallel with each other. Its power supply must be well grounded. There must be no moving metallic object near the metal detector. Do not use the metal detector near an interference source (such as wire cutting machine, electric welder, voltage regulating device, and etc).


    ● Power Supply: AC110V/220V, at 50/60 HZ
    ● Power Consumption: < 20W
    ● Zone Number: Seven zones from top to bottom
    ● Alarm: Sound and LED light
    ● Sensitivity: 0 - 255 sensitivity degree, 7 independently adjustable zones
    ● Alarm Volume: 0 - 8 degree, adjustable
    ● Alarm Tone: 0 - 7 degree, adjustable
    ● Infrared Counting: Can be enabled or disabled. The counter can be zeroed and the statistical result can be saved.
    ● Password Protection
    ● Parameter Setting: Via touch keys


    Eastern Technology Group is professional manufacturers of test & measurement instruments in China.
    The main products contain Multi-meter, Digital Multimeters, Digital Clamp meter, Metal Detectors, Distance Measures, Infrared Thermometer,
    Voltage Tester, Battery Tester, Digital Scale and multifunction sensor all of which have an advantage in domestic and overseas markets. Based on ISO9001 International Quality System, most products are exported to Europe and USA with approvals of CE, UL, GS, CMC, ETL.
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