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    Picture of all-sun EM415
    Model: EM415



    [2007 catalog B] [Page 79]

    This instrument is designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging the insulation, you can also use it in checking
    for short circuit and locating open circuit and so on. In addition, it can also be used to identify some states of telephone line so
    that it is more convenient to install, debug, and maintain telephone lines, There are a Sender and a Receiver included in the instrument.

    ·Provides an adjustable volume control
    ·Compatible with all common tracing tone sources
    ·Easy cable connection with either RJ-45 jack, patch cord, or alligator clips

    Receiver & Sender



    ·Testing polarity of phone lines
    ·Tracing a wire
    ·Finding wires buried behind drywall
    ·Test whether a cable is interrupted
    ·Find interrupts in cable

    Power:9V battery (6F22)


    Battery; Users Manual; Carrying case(optional)

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